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The story of Adaptable

We love being expats! We have lived abroad with our three boys for almost 15 years and have no intention of stopping. And while we would describe our journey as nothing short of amazing, we get that raising a family in this context is really hard.

The Adaptable book combines two of our passions:

-Successful Marriages (and by proxy successful families)

-The wonderful, traumatic and incredible Life of an Expat

We are on a journey to discover the stories of expat families across the entire spectrum of corporations, foreign service, education, and missionaries - and from across the globe. Our hope is that we will be able to take these experiences and craft a resource that will support other families like ours as they adventure through this life together.

Insights to Successfully POWER a Life Abroad

Below are excerpts from our upcoming book


We're Not in Kansas Anymore:

Why is everything in this place just so...different?

Getting unSettled:

You only need 5 things to be happy

The Best Souvenirs:
Remember that time, when that thing happened in that place?

Expat Families Can Soar

If you are thinking about moving overseas with your family, are currently on assignment, or have already lived the expat experience and repatriated, we'd love to connect with you to hear about your story.


The Atkins Family

They say you can't go home again, but we might disagree. After 6 years in Bogota, Colombia, we got the chance to move "back home to France" in the summer of 2021. We aren't French, but somewhere in our hearts we have always felt a deep connection to this country. The kids grow up fast, one already in university (back home for real in Texas) and another one headed off next year. We continue to take advantage of this blessed life we have been given, up for adventure around every corner.

“All who wander are not lost"

J.R.R. Tolkien

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